Netanyahu's clashes with Barack Obama and Bill Clinton were blessings in disguise - The i

On the face of it the Israeli prime minister should be giddy with joy. The eleventh-hour effort by the Obama administration to rescue the “two-state solution” has only given succour to the most hard-line advocates of Israeli irredentism while the incoming Trump administration promises virtually carte blanche support. But this may yet backfire.

According to a range of Obama’s top aides, the decision to abstain, rather than veto, UN Security Council Resolution 2334 – which expressed “grave concern” over the continued construction of illegal Israeli settlements in the occupied West Bank – was driven by the Obama-White House’s deep frustration with the Netanyahu government’s apparently flagrant disrespect for the US desire for a “two-state solution”. Moreover, Netanyahu also reacted with a variety of diplomatic snubs to other members of the security council .