Teaser for Globalisation Café

Brand New Podcast to Debut This Spring

Ottawa University today announced the launch of “Globalization Café”, a podcast about the global issues that affect our everyday lives, marking a new platform for political junkies and newbies to engage with research, international affairs and politics. The weekly show is hosted by Globalization Café founder and Ottawa University’s Gordon F. Henderson Post-doctoral fellow, Philip Leech-Ngo and features in-depth interviews, news and expert commentary. Launching on March 20, the show will be available on soundcloud and itunes.

Each episode will be approximately 30 minutes and will feature conversations with some of the most interesting people in the political world; expert commentary on current affairs; and other stories that are relevant to the global issues affecting Canadians.

“The show will engage listeners with current affairs and the latest research, making academia and politics accessible, fun and relevant,” said Leech-Ngo.

Special guest of the first episode of “Globalization Café” includes Prof. John Packer, Director of the Human Rights Research and Education Center. Episode two will be on the Israel-Palestine conflict. Future episodes will feature discussions on the nature of State Surveillance, ‘Trump’s world’, Environment and Climate Change, among others.