Episode 11: Canada on the World Stage

"We're back" says Canadian prime minister, Justin Trudeau. But what does this mean in the age of Donald Trump, Brexit and unprecedented strain on the global liberal order? To discuss these questions and more, I'm joined by Dr. Shaun Narine, Associate Professor and Chair of Politics at Saint Thomas University in New Brunswick.

Dr. Shaun Narine.jpg

Dr. Narine has written extensively on the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) and other institutional arrangements in the Asia Pacific. He has also written on Canadian foreign policy in the Middle East, humanitarian intervention and normative change in the international system. Dr. Narine has published one book (Explaining ASEAN -2002) and is currently work on two other books, as well as numerous articles related to shifting balances of power in the global community. His academic interests include the politics and history of the Asia Pacific, the Middle East, and Canadian foreign policy.